Exquisite jewellery is also a good investment

This festival and wedding season, jewellery is high on priority. It is both an ornament and lucrative investment. You need to make a wise and informed choice.

The year’s biggest festival season is on. And this year, the Dasara and Diwali season is even more significant. The pandemic dampened the festive fervour and marriage season over the past six months. Now, with the lockdown a thing of the past, and sentiment looking up, the traditional celebrations are back. Marriages are being celebrated on a larger scale and people have moved on. Traditionally, people look forward to festivals and celebrate each with its rich customs. A festival or marriage is a time to come together, celebrate life and set higher goals. Shopping for jewellery is at the core of festivals and marriages. There is more to ornaments than just the aesthetics. Gold and precious stones signify success. They are aspirations everyone nourishes. Jewellery shopping is about celebrating for a lifetime and more, as the gold and gems you buy remain with you forever and are passed down generations as heirlooms.

Flavour of the seasonWith most of the year passing by in lockdown conditions, shopping and celebrations were out of question. Now, we are reclaiming our freedom and social life. The Dasara and Diwali festivities are back on track and weddings are the traditional once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. It is only natural then that this festival and wedding season, jewellery will be high on shopping lists.

While shopping is an integral part of celebrations in India, jewellery should be a must-buy item on your list now. This year, jewellery has acquired another dimension. In these difficult conditions, ornaments serve two purposes – they adorn you and earn well for you as an investment. Gold and precious stones are the best investments you can make, especially in these conditions.

Ideal time for jewellery purchaseThe prices of jewellery are attractive now. Gold is set to get dearer in the near future as people begin to spend post the lockdown. With the weddings getting smaller given the restrictions, there are many usual expenditures related to weddings that are saved. Floral decorations, food, holiday and entertainment are some of the major expenses that are saved due to the restrictions on number of guests who can be invited. Thus, this part of the budget, that is quite high, can be used to buy gold. With a large number of people spending more on wedding jewellery, the gold price will naturally go up further. It is therefore advisable for you to move quickly and get more for your budget. 

Get the right adviceAt this point in time, you need the right advice on buying jewellery. There are many aspects you need to take into account. Are you buying gold as an investment too? Converting cash to gold is a good idea at this point in time. No other investment avenue yields you the sort of returns gold does in the medium term. We have a gold saving scheme where you can make monthly contributions according to your budget towards purchase of gold. There is a benefit contribution from us that makes this an attractive investment option. Also, you need jewellery that is value for money. Here, we specialise in traditional and contemporary designs, and offer quality that makes your ornaments a lifelong treasure of elegance.

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